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Summoning all spring dreamers, water weavers, river runners, earth movers, and beyond …

Come as your magical being as we gather to celebrate life with the rhythmic currents of ecstatic music, spirited dance, and heartful art as a ritual for global renewal, personal rejuvenation, and joyous celebration. Flowing through the ripples of our essence, may we awaken our heart-opening frequencies as a tribute, for the flourishing of ALL life.

Youths are welcome! This is an alcohol-free event.

Nourishment available from the elixir & kava bar.

Optional balcony seating is available for a more accessible and relaxed viewpoint.

Spring forth on the evening of 4/20 at The Tiffany Center into a river of sweet ceremony that will take us on a deep journey of joyous celebration so that we may activate the Living-Laser-Liquid-Crystal-Love-Bubble-Ripple technology—it’s what many of us already do naturally when we dance and live an ecstatic life:

Grounded in the agreements of “DanceFloor Living”** We are the divine Spark embodied. While acknowledging our inevitable human Shadows, We fully become the music (of the Universe) In imagination we Play. Amplifying our (((Flow))) Super Locally we ripple out from our center, uniting with others For the benefit of ALL beings.

**DanceFloor Living;

a practice, and way of being. of sharing close space, fully creatively and authentically expressed, while being super groovy with each other. Meaning, we use our way of dancing as a practice for how we can be in our everyday lives. We humbly, and courageously interact with care and consent. with respect for ourselves, each other and all beings. and our shared space, our sacred DanceFloor; Earth.


Heart River stands for peace and Love, the spring of which bubbles forth super locally, starting with ourselves and rippling out through local community for the benefit of all beings.

We are a (soon to be) 501c3 Art Church with missionary work of creating opportunities for opening as many hearts as possible. grounded in the principles of “DanceFloor Living” ; the practice of sharing space with others, being fully creatively expressed with absolute respect and care for ourselves, each other, the shared space and the Earth, our sacred DanceFloor.

We host artistic events for practicing these concepts with each other. Respecting vastly varying belief systems and backgrounds. We strive to create safe spaces with empathy and compassion for holistic dialogue and dance ceremonies free from overt politics.

We understand our imperfectly perfect humanity and practice concepts of mindfulness, conscious language, and trauma informed interpersonal connection. Offering programs and energetic events for human transformation, empowerment, healing and growth.

We believe actions taken super locally in alignment with our mission can have a profound effect on the collective whole.

Past Events

Heart River