(((SHINE))) dance ceremony with Yaima and Luke Mandala

Thank you Eric Montross for this beautiful video capture đź’—

(((SHINE))) an enchanting assembly of DreamDancers, h’artists, and mystical beings, transcended a mere gathering to become a profound ceremony of dance, light, and sound. Attired in their magical best, participants embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging the potent time when the veils between worlds are thinnest. This celebration was not just an event; it was a collective ritual where the attendees, in the company of ancestors, ignited the flames of ecstasy and stirred the cosmic cauldron with their vibrant expressions.

The ceremony, held at The Den—a space revered for its community spirit and cutting-edge L’Acoustic sound system—offered an unparalleled sensory experience. This sound system, revolutionary for its engineering, provided a tactile dimension to the music, enhancing the body’s reception of the vibrational healing. In a departure from conventional events, this gathering was alcohol-free, prioritizing the purity of the experience and the wellness of the community. Support at the benefactor level was encouraged, not just as a means to offset the cost of an alcohol-free environment, but as a gesture of commitment to sustaining the music and the magic of the space.

Highlighting the night were mesmerizing performances by Yaima and Luke Mandala, who led the participants on a magical dance journey, accompanied by the warm-up vibes of DJ AhHaVa and the visual spectacle of live projection art by Everett “Kaizen” Keithcart. This was not merely an entertainment; it was an activation of the Living-Laser-Liquid-Crystal-Love-Bubble-Ripple—a technology of being and dancing that extends well beyond the dance floor. It embodies the practice of DanceFloor Living, a philosophy of shared space, mutual respect, and authentic expression, all aimed at benefiting all beings.

(((SHINE))) stands as a testament to the power of collective intention, ecstatic expression, and the healing potential of dance and music. It serves as a beacon for future gatherings, showcasing the possibility of creating sacred spaces where individuals can explore their shadows, amplify their shine, and contribute to personal and planetary transformation.